There is a wealth of information for car drivers, our news sections bring you up to date information from car manufacturers, suppliers to the motoring industry and even what the Government are planning.  To help make some sense of it all we have assembled guides to help you sort out the information you need.

Car Finance Calculator

Car Finance Calculator from the Car People

Car Insurance

Take the time to research the car insurance market for the best deals, and take every possible step to reduce the cost of the cover you need.


Loans, credit card or re-mortgage, buying your next car can be a mine-field so check all your options here first.

Used Car Prices

Knowledge is power and knowing the value of your car is invaluable when you are looking to sell. WiseBuyer's are the only website who offer a free mileage adjusted used car price.

New Car Prices

Save yourself time and go to the latest manufacturer prices at WiseBuyer's.

Car Reviews

Is the car you've set your heart on really the one for you. These selection of guides let you know what the experts think as well as drivers who have bought the car and drive it all the time.

Cars For Sale

With the vast choice of manufacturer makes and models we have found a selection of websites who sell cars.

Motorcycle News

Almost time to get your bikes out, find out the latest news.

Van News

Got a van? Find out the latest news.

Car Datachecks

Clocked, stolen or still owned by the finance company?

Car Warranty

Protection against the costs of parts and labour following mechanical or electrical failure

Breakdown Cover

There's nothing worse than breaking down.

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