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17 Jul 2013

A few pints worth or A few years in prison?

As shocking as the title of this article is the starling truth is that more people are dying in drink driving related deaths. It can be hard to tell when you're over the limit, we all like to go for a pint after work and let our hair down with our colleagues; but when do we know that we are truly at our limit?


How do we recognise when we are over the limit? When are we to drunk to drive? Obviously we cannot carry breath tests around with us and test our breath but many specialist drink driving solicitors have petitioned to have a new law set in stone which stops people from drink driving full stop.


Some lawyers have expressed views such as 'club and pub managers should be given rights to take peoples car keys off them if they feel that they are too drunk to drive'.


Although this is a very 'out there' view the general idea behind it can be felt across the nation. To start with the punishment currently if you are caught drink driving, depending on your criminal history is you will have to enrol in a Speed Awareness Course, this will

avoid your licence being revoked. In the case of death caused by dangerous driving, you may go to prison.


Tips to help you AVOID drink driving:-

·         On a night out arrange with your friends a method of transport whether that be a taxi/minibus to your venue or a designated driver for the journey there and back.


·         If you live somewhere that has good public transport links i.e. city centres, then take advantage of them! Use buses, trams, trains whatever you can which can be cheaper and quicker and safer!

·         If you have no option but to drive then stick to zero alcohol, drink mocktails and soft drinks to avoid any alcohol intake.


·         If you feel like you need to go home yet you're over the limit, ask someone to drive you home. Don't be afraid to ask someone you know and even ask a police officer and they will happily take you home.


Drink driving can seem so innocent but it can have such devastating consequences so do the right thing and think before you drive.