From  controversy over speed cameras to making us greener - the industry news gives you all the know how on the latest debates.  With Government updates and other official bodies the industry news is a first call to keep abreast of what is really going on and how it will affect you, the car driver.

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October 2011 Used Car Market Report

Latest news from VIP Data on what is happening in the used car market.


Scam facing car buyers

Beware of a scam that is affecting many UK car buyers.


Car Finance Experts Report Increased Demand For Upmarket Vehicles

FinanceAcar reportthat more than half of recent quote requests have been for executive and luxury brands.


600 000 clocked cars on UK roads

HPI joins OFT and Trading Standards in urging consumers to protect themselves from fraudulent used car sellers.


Garage labour rates climb to record high

The cost of getting a mechanic to fix your car is on the rise again, according to the annual Warranty Direct Labour Rates Survey.


Give your car a winter workout

The onset of winter can be bad news for motorists.


SEAT drivers the worst at basic car checks

SEAT drivers are the least likely to carry out the most basic of car maintenance tasks.

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