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20 Sep 2013

Five Great Games To Play On Car Journeys

Fed up with backseat cries of "Are we there yet?" and "I'm bored"?  We know that keeping the kids entertained on long trips can be a challenge, so here's some great in-car games that are easy to play and fun for all the family.


I Spy

A much-loved classic, a game of 'I Spy' is great for all ages.

The first player picks an object nearby, tells the other players the first letter, and then they have to guess what it is - simple!

Encourage the kids to choose something that's either inside the car or that will be in view for a few minutes at least to keep things simple; if they're struggling to guess, then the person whose turn it is could offer an extra clue like the second letter or the colour of the object.


The Picnic Game

A real memory test - one that will keep everyone busy for a fair while...                                   The first player begins by completing the sentence 'I'm going on a picnic and I'm taking...' with a noun beginning with 'A', the more random the better; for example, "I'm going on a picnic and I'm taking an aardvark". The next player repeats what they've said, and then adds their own noun beginning with 'B', e.g. "I'm going on a picnic and I'm taking an aardvark and a balloon".                                                                                                                                             The game carries on through the alphabet, with each person repeating what's been said and adding something new. Anyone that fails to recall all

the nouns that have gone before is out, and the game carries on until the player with the best memory wins.

Who Am I?

Here's how 'Who Am I?' works: the first player thinks of a famous person, and then the other players take it in turns to ask them 'yes' or no' answer questions (e.g. "Are you male?", "Do you have blonde hair?", etc.) to try and find out who they are. The first one to correctly guess the right name is the winner.

The 'Banana Car' Game

Have you ever noticed that there are barely any yellow cars on the road? That's why the Banana game is so much fun (even though it actually has nothing at all to do with bananas at all...)!

The idea behind the game is that the person who spots the most yellow cars wins - when you see one, you shout 'Banana car!'. To make sure they don't lose interest, set a half or 1-hour limit and see how many each player can count before time runs out.


Endings Game

First, think of a topic like 'animals', 'celebrities' or 'things you'd find in the garden'. One person starts the game off by naming something in this category, then the next person has to think of something that begins with the last letter of that word (for example, if the first person said 'Elephant', the next person would have to think of something beginning with 't').

The game goes round and round like this; if the next person isn't able to think of anything, they're out.


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