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Saab wins coveted award for anti drink-driving device

Such devices recognised globally for their effectiveness in cutting repeat drink-driving rates.


Saab new high-performance 2.3t BioPower engine

World premiere of 210 bhp 2.3t BioPower Saab 9-5 at British International Motor Show.


Morrisons opens the UK's first bioethanol E85 fuel pump

As SAAB GB launches it's 9-5 biopower for consumers who care.


Saab sales soar in 2005 to a record high

2005 saw the second consecutive year of record sales for Saab in the UK.


Saab celebrates 20 years of open-top motoring

Saab is raising the roof, celebrating two decades of Convertible sales.


SAAB 9-5 biopower cleans up in Sweden

The launch of the Saab 9-5 BioPower has taken the Swedish market by storm.

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