Bank of Scotland Vehicle Finance News

30 Nov 2005

What do you look for in a car?

Whether a car has air conditioning, a CD player or even cup holders are the most important factors when choosing a motor according to latest research from Bank of Scotland Vehicle Finance.


Those questioned, as part of the report 'Company Cars, the Drivers' Perspective' were asked to specify what factors led them to select their current company car and in particular what optional extras were key to this choice.


Nearly 60 per cent of those questioned said that they are now spending longer behind the wheel and the car has become a home from home. As a result, and due to roads increasingly becoming more difficult to navigate their main concern is ensuring their car is safer and better equipped in terms of features such as Satellite Navigation, the latest gadget to grace the Queen's car!


Here are the top five comfort and safety features drivers want in their car


  1. Satellite Navigation
  2. Climate control
  3. Driver airbag(s)
  4. Six track CD player / Bose sound system / iPod holder,
  5. Nifty 'add ons' e.g. cup holders and mobile phone holders



Graham Hale, Head of Corporate Business at Bank of Scotland Vehicle Finance, comments:


"The company car still remains a significant part of any staff recruitment and retention package and we are aware that employees are becoming ever more selective and demanding. In fact, over 20 per cent of drivers would actually think of changing jobs if a better car was offered. The challenge for those responsible for fleet is to carefully balance an appreciation of their drivers' aspirations whilst keeping control of costs.


"At Bank of Scotland Vehicle Finance we continue to work with our customers to find this happy balance and as an all round service provider we are able to help customers reduce their overall fleet costs. We would of course encourage those in charge of fleet management to review their books on a regular basis to ensure that they are providing the correct vehicles for the job and operating the most cost effective fleet, both for their business and the individual driver."


Over 1,600 company car drivers were questioned for the report 'Company Car, the Drivers' Perspective'.