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Diesel owners stranded as engine 'Glow Plugs' fail in winter

Diesel vehicles account for around one-in-three of all vehicles sold in the UK.


How to stop 'speed bumps' killing your vehicle

Love them or hate them - speed bumps are damaging vehicles across the country.


Car dealers overcharge for car parts to increase car sales

New research claims some car dealers are overcharging motorists for car parts by as much as 400%.


Motorists suffer highest servicing costs in Europe

Sub-standard work and overcharging by some garages and franchised dealers are common according to the Trading Standards Agency.


Owners of Japanese imported vehicles go spare for parts

Sales of Japanese imported vehicles, known as grey imports, have rocketed to around 350,000 in the last 10 years.


Snow Chains in Europe - maybe UK too?

Snow chains a legal requirement in Europe - and you''re likely to need them in the UK this winter