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First public showing of Citroen C6

Citro├źn's elegant and sophisticated C6 is making its very first public appearance in the UK at this year's MPH '05 show.


MPH '05 - A roaring success in Birmingham

Sell out shows, crowd pleasing car crashes, world first stunts, the sale of some of the of the most expensive metal in Britain.


2006 Saab Aero models make debut

Two new 2006 top-of-the-range Saab Aero performance models will make their British public debut at the MPH Show, Birmingham.


Hottest & heaviest dance routines?

Can you dig it? The world's hottest and heaviest dance routine premieres at MPH ''05.


Ascari KZ1 up tp speed for MPH'05

MPH'05 promises an electrifying mix of supercar exotica, high octane thrills and celebrity excess for motoring fans across the UK.