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Motorists poor deal

Motorists are getting poor value for money from today's 'high tax - low investment' economy.


Britain faces a road to ruin without a long-term transport vision

Sixteen centuries on and little improvement has been made to UK roads since Roman Times.


Prudent motorists can beat the Chancellor

The RAC Foundation today welcomed the Chancellor's decision to keep fuel duty on ice, at least until November.


Prescription to fix drug driving?

Almost one third of drivers who tested positive for illegal drugs were able to pass the roadside "sobriety" tests, according to new research.*


Brown gives "green light to cleaner motoring"

The RAC welcomed the Chancellor's decision to keep fuel duty increase on ice for a further 6 months.


Road pricing losing support

Attitudes are hardening against road pricing, warns the RAC Foundation.


Too Much Information

Motorists are in danger of crashing because of an inability to decipher all the information that is thrown at them on their journeys.

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