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There are hundreds of things that can go wrong with your car in the future, so why not cover it now? It doesn't matter if you've owned it for years or just bought it from a dealer, privately or from an auction - Warranty Direct can offer you a warranty while you're on the phone - or on the web!

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The most reliable 4x4s revealed

Warranty Direct let us know who are the best performers in the 4x4 market.


Revealed the cars that put the brakes on reliability

Jaguar has been revealed as the car manufacturer most likely to suffer brake problems.


Revealed - the most and least reliable 4x4s on the road

Warranty Direct has revealed the most and least reliable pre-owned 4x4 and SUV cars on the market.


Discounts and carbon off-set programme with new Green Car Warranty

Warranty Direct, the leading automotive warranty provider, has launched the Green Warranty.


825,000 four-year old cars will suffer a mechanical failure

The big end may last eight years, but you are more likely to have trouble starting it after just four years.


4x4 giants come bottom in world reliability study

Off-road specialist, Jeep, has come bottom in the world's largest ever study into car reliability.


Motorists keep their cars for longer

The downward trend in new car sales is set to continue in September.

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