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Car valuations by SMS

No need to rush back to the internet to get your car price with WiseBuyer's service.


The top 10 cars that lose & keep the most money

It's not petrol and it's not servicing or repairs, because the single biggest cost to the motorist is depreciation.


New car buyers set to lose £10 billion in 2006

Motorists who take delivery of a brand new car in 2006 will see an estimated £10 billion wiped off the total value of their vehicles by this time next year.


Cars, bikes and vans all under one cover

Two wheels, four wheels, soft-tops or a white van.


2004's depreciation winners and losers

Car buyers who've paid list price for a new car in 2004 year could lose as much as 65% of their vehicle's value in just 12 months.